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This entry is mainly for my own purposes, to write out thoughts I’ve been struggling with.  And that is all they are — thoughts.  I may think completely different thoughts in a month, a year, or a decade.  All are free to read and chime in, as long as you’re respectful. Hell and salvation.  I used […]

Hello, I am a Christian, and I’m looking for Jesus. When I was a kid, and the world was a wonderfully simple place, Jesus was easy to find. Now the world has become a darker and more complicated place, and searching for Jesus is like trying to find your true reflection in a fun house.  […]

I still have a few friends in North Carolina, and so I’ve been paying a little more attention than usual to the latest constitutional amendment that was passed yesterday which essentially bans gay marriage in the state. WAIT.  Before anyone picks up their stones or pulls out their soapboxes — this post is NOT about my […]

August 2007 – Newcastle, UK.  Me and a bunch of friends from church had just finished a fun afternoon of playing good old-fashioned American football.  There was about an 8-foot wall we had to scale back over to return to the pastor’s little backyard, so a couple people arranged themselves to be able to hoist […]